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A personal journal, open for the world to read, recording the progress of a novice allotmenteer on his allotment.

Weed it and reap.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Return of The Loam Arranger

The village is rumbling today with the glorious sound of a convoy of tractors delivering heaps of topsoil to the allotment site. Yahoooo!


  1. loving those piles of soil, happy shovelling!

  2. Brilliant. You'll be getting cracking then this weekend.

  3. That's the puppy! I'll bet your shoulder muscles will be burning by Sunday night, but boy will that beer taste good!

  4. Of course I'd love to be giving my shoulders a work out with my shovel but the site contractor is now spreading the topsoil over the whole allotment site with a bulldozer, so I'll save my shoulders for next weekend.