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Sunday, 28 March 2010


I have been keenly following second-hand greenhouses on ebay for the last 3 or 4 months but I have had no success with my bids. I suppose it is because I am too tight. Last week someone asked if I had tried Freegle. I had never heard of it. I had previously attempted to register with Freecycle, which is a similar kind of group, but the moderators of my local group at Doncaster rejected my application for some unexplained reason.

These groups have the objective of keeping reusable items out of landfill sites. They put people with things to throw away in touch with others who might be able to make use of those things.

On Friday evening I was accepted by the Scunthorpe Freegle group . I posted a message saying I was on the lookout for a greenhouse. Later that night I was offered a greeenhouse (without glass) by Lee, a Freegler, who lives about 8 miles away from me. I have been to dismantle and collect the greenhouse this morning. It is a beauty. 8ft x 6ft aluminium frame, manufactured by Eden. Best of all it was free!

I will re-assemble the greenhouse frame on the plot this afternoon. Now I need to source some glass or polycarbonate sheets. I will probably end up buying the glass but I can't complain about that given the money I have saved on the frame.


  1. What a result. It will be great for starting your seeds off, and you'll also be able to grow lots more things in a greenhouse.

  2. I saw your post on freegle (had no idea it was you)
    Great result..
    I started to collect glass for my greenhouse before I decided to use twin wall polycarb because of mental labrador.
    So I have 10 2'x 2' panes here if they are any use to you

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  4. good work! you can't beat a greenhouse.

  5. That's a great turn up for the books. I signed up with freecycle but after reading around 200 emails offering VHS tapes of Gone with the Wind and the opportunity to take away a knackered washing machine for spares, I lost the will to live.

    Maybe it's worth another look.