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Weed it and reap.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Plots and Plans

I went up to the plot on Sunday morning to mark out positions for the raised beds to be installed by the site contractor this week. The whole allotment site looked pristine with the new layer of topsoil. I got the feeling I get when I see a large area of newly fallen snow; torn between not wanting to disturb the surface whilst at the same time feeling a childish urge to run around and roll about in it.
I resisted the temptation to lay down and make a soil angel and I set about the task of marking out the bed positions whilst a gang of local tearaways, in bovver wellies and armed with swords, marched up and down the plot boundary to compact the ground in readiness for a delivery of wood chippings to make a path.
There was debate amongst neighbouring plot-holders as to whether it would be preferable to have beds running North/South or East/West and how much room to leave between beds. I have laid my beds out so that I can plant in long rows running North to South. I could have saved space by positioning the raised beds closer together but I decided that I would prefer to have room to get a wheelbarrow between the beds and so my beds are perhaps a little bit wider apart than most that I have seen marked out on site.
I went back up to the plot on Sunday afternoon and erected trellis posts in readiness for the arrival of the nine Rondo vines which are due in April. I didn't have time to thread the support wires between all the posts but went home pleased that at last I have got onto the plot, got mud on my wellies and made some constructive progress.


  1. It's looking great. How lucky to be having some raised beds constructed for you. I'm sure that now the waiting game is over you will be getting loads done.

  2. It's starting to take shape, will be worth the wait!

  3. Nearly there, not long to go now. I'd slip the contractor a few quid and a bottle of Scotch, and get him to build you monster beds. It will mean less bending, and it'll surely annoy the other plot holders!