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Weed it and reap.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Today I have started to propagate my first batch of seeds. I have sown french beans, spring onions, maincrop onions, dianthus and marigolds into a couple of propagators in the spare bedroom. Fern has also sown some strawberry seeds. I have also put a batch of onion seeds in the coldframe outside and will compare their progress with the onions in the propagator.

The dianthus and marigolds are intended to be used as "companion planting". The idea is, I think, that if I plant them in my veg beds they will repel insect pests. Either that or they will attract the pests to their flowers and in doing so keep the pests off my crops. Or are they supposed to attract the good insects? I'm not sure. If the theory doesn't work at least the flowers will add a bit of colour to the plot.

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  1. Hi, marigolds are excellent companions for tomatoes to ward off whitefly, I plant as many as I can in the greenhouse. One thing I didn't realise to start with it's the dead flowers you want (their distinct smell is what you're after) so don't de-head like I did!