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A personal journal, open for the world to read, recording the progress of a novice allotmenteer on his allotment.

Weed it and reap.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Yes we have no strawberries.

A parcel of seeds arrived from Kings this morning. The potatoes, asparagus and rhubarb will be coming later but today I received everything else on the list apart from the strawberry seeds. They say they are unable to supply the Temptation Strawberry seeds and have sent a credit note for £1.25 to use against my next order. Fern will be disappointed. I wasn't going to bother with strawberries but she persuaded me to let her have a small patch on the plot to grow some for herself. I'll take her to the garden centre so that she can choose her own packet.


  1. Is this your first allotment then? Through work they have given the workers a piece of land are are busy preparing it for us right now, by just ploughing it & putting in paths for us. Not been seen it was ploughed so not sure what stage it is at quite yet1

    Like you I have started to get my seeds in now although not sure what date we are in so I am unable to get the other stuff I will need as of yet. I am a complete newbie to this so I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.

  2. Yes Mr-Stu this is my first ever allotment (my first blog also). I too am a complete newbie. I've got a lot to learn but can't wait to get started.