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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Allotment seed order. January 2010.

Seeds ordered from E.W.King and Co through the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Members' catalogue:-

Asparagus Crowns. Purple Jacmar. 12 crowns.

Runner Beans. Enorma. 45 seeds.

Broccoli. Spike, Annual Purple. 100 seeds.

Calabrese. Chevalier. 65 seeds.

Sprouts. Cascade. 60 seeds.

Rhubarb. Timperley Early. 3 crowns.

Leeks. Giant Winter. 300 seeds.

Lettuce. Marvel of 4 Seasons. 550 seeds.

Spring Onions. White Lisbon. 600 seeds.

Onions. Bedfordshire Champion. 250 seeds.

Chilli Peppers. 35 seeds.

Pumpkin. Tom Fox. 10 seeds.

Garlic. Solent Wight. 30 cloves.

French Beans. Blue Lake. 100 seeds.

Strawberry. Temptation. 50 seeds.

Marigold. Golden Days. 200 seeds.

Dianthus. Chinensis. 175 seeds.

Nasturtium. Alaska. 24 seeds.
Jewel Mixed. 25 seeds.

Potatoes. First Earlies. Duke of York. 3kg.
Second Earlies. Estima. 3kg.
Early Maincrop. King Edward. 3kg.
Late Maincrop. Golden Wonder. 3kg.

Still to be ordered :- Vines. 4 x Dornfelder.

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