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Weed it and reap.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

It's snowtime

I was planning a bit of double digging on the potato patch this weekend but we have had the first snow of the winter overnight. I think I'll give myself the weekend off!


  1. That's a good covering, we've just had dusting down here, I even managed to get at some parsnips this afternoon. A weekend off is not a bad thing now and again though!

  2. No snow yet, just ice. I've had to dig up the celeriac plus surrounding soil, and they're ina shed thawing out. Snow next week, apprently!

  3. Hi, Phil, I've been wondering if you've found out what your water costs have been. There's talk of "mutualising" our water up here,(i.e. privatising) and I'm curious to find out what we might expect if it goes ahead.

  4. Hi, Is. We have not had a full years bill yet but we've been told cost per m³ is £1.13 plus a standing charge per quarter of £7.21. We are expecting it to be about £10 per plot per year. Debate is ongoing as to whether or not to allow unrestricted use of hosepipes. I think the committee will monitor water usage for a bit longer before a decision is made but this is likely to be a hot topic at the AGM in January.