Plot Notes

A personal journal, open for the world to read, recording the progress of a novice allotmenteer on his allotment.

Weed it and reap.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Progress Update

The amount of produce I am taking from the plot has exceeded all my expectations. It is hard to believe that only three or four months ago the whole allotment site was a bare brown field with not even a blade of grass growing on it. Now, it is bursting with greenery and almost every meal I eat contains something grown on the allotment.

Here are a few photographs taken on the plot today.


  1. I hope you're chuffed to bits, everything looks a-ma-zing. The grapes made me gasp and it doesn't seem long since your greenhouse was just a glint in your eye. And melons! Could next year see a pineapple pit?

  2. Bloody hell, that's changed a lot, hasn't it! I'm currently in the midst of that lovely "buy no vegetables" stage. Well, I'm nearly in it; I still need tomatoes and cucumbers!

  3. Hats off to you! Incredible transformation you looked swamped in veg now, enjoy!

  4. Looks fantastic! Very jealous of your red chillies. Mine are staying resolutely green and don't even look like they're starting to think about turning red yet...