Plot Notes

A personal journal, open for the world to read, recording the progress of a novice allotmenteer on his allotment.

Weed it and reap.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Harvested This Morning

This is what makes it all worthwhile, not to mention the tomatoes, strawberries, onions, red chilli peppers and purple sprouting broccoli already harvested and the expectation of radishes, carrots, sprouts, pumpkins, french beans and runner beans still to come this year and the asparagus in year two and the grapes/wine in year three.


  1. Well done, Phil, are you sure you're a novice?

  2. Great stuff, your scallies look good, mine don't even pass as chives yet!

  3. Bloody hell, did you get that cucumber from Waitrose? Mine are about as big as a matchstick, a very small matchstick viewed through the wrong end of a telescope!