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Friday, 27 April 2012

Coping in drought conditions

Between work appointments today I managed to nip up to the plot to water my greenhouse seedlings. When I got there I found that my vines were having a paddle in a newly formed pond.
So far this year my vines have been doing really well. All nine of them survived the winter. Masses of pink buds had formed in late March and early April and a couple of weeks ago small pale green leaves started to break out and unfurl into the spring sunshine. We are officially in drought conditions and we live only a couple of post-codes away from a hosepipe ban. I hope that my vines can now survive these "drought conditions" without drowning.

I didn't want to leave them in standing water and so after watering the greenhouse seedlings I took my fork and pierced a few drainage holes into the ground around the perimeter of the water-logged area and then I dug a couple of sump holes in the paths between the rows of vines. Being between work appointments I was still wearing my office suit and shiny shoes.

When I returned to my car to set off for my next appointment I realised that I had been watched by a couple of bricklayers who are putting the foundations in for the toilet block which is being constructed in the top corner of the site. Some comment was made about this being the most gentrified allotment they had ever seen. I shall now expect them to fit gold taps and an ermine-lined seat to our on-site throne room.


  1. Having lost over a stone since trying to tame Plot 9, Mrs IG designated all of my clothes that no longer fit as gardening clothes. I did do a bit of digging in a three piece suit, which made a few other plot holders stare. Mind you, they're now getting used to me. I don't know what they'll make of the S&M scarecrow when it arrives!

    Digging in a suit is liberating, although I wouldn't want to go to a meeting afterwards!

    1. I had to go home and sponge my shoes down before the meeting. My wife's grandpa was a gardener at a large country house. All the photos I've seen of him show him gardening in suit and tie with an apron on - but he was from a generation that would sit on a beach in a three piece suit when on holiday.

  2. That photo just about sums it up at the moment! After South Wilts had been declared a drought region it hasn't stopped raining here since.

    1. If it carries on like this I'll be planting some rice.