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Weed it and reap.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Year One on the Plot in 30 Seconds

Here's a little looping animation showing how Plot 25 has developed over the course of the first year or so. If I had set off with the intention of making this animation I'd have made a better job of it by taking the photographs from the exact same spot and at more regular intervals and I would have used a tripod but you should get the idea from these photos I have managed to cobble together.



  1. Amazing transformation! You must be pleased with how it's gone.

  2. Yes Damo, I'm really pleased with it and have enjoyed working on it immensely. I'm raring to go for this year too now.

  3. That's really impressive. I wish I could afford raised beds up at mine, so practical and so neat.

  4. Plantaliscious, We were very fortunate that when the site was set up last year our allotment committee and Parish Council managed to find enough money in the set-up budget to put three 12ft x 6ft raised beds on each plot.